Board Governance

The importance of an active, informed governing body cannot be overemphasized. Even minor board neglect can intrude upon the accountability and effectiveness of the organization. When an organization fails to develop policies that address how they govern themselves, their lack of attention leads to confusion and often costly errors that result in damage to their reputation, wastes resources, and can lead to premature turnover on the board or in key leadership positions.

In contrast, an active and informed board will uphold the mission of the organization, protect the integrity of the organization’s objectives, and ensure consistent adherence to board policies. This leads to better engagement by the board and a rising standard of participation by individual board members.

Few boards experience the synergy of well-run meetings, better decisions, and wise governance. With training, a board can grow, mature and serve the organization’s current and future needs. We are licensed by the Maclellan Foundation to deliver their Maclellan Standard Governance Training. An outline of this training can be found on our resources page.