Paul Edwards 

Since 1991, Paul has served as a consultant and inspiration for nonprofit staff and boards. He has led seminars on the techniques of large gift solicitation and provided specialized skills training for the staff and leadership of 123 US and international nonprofits. Paul has designed and delivered specialized training programs for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Compassion Capital Fund, the Leadership Initiative, Oxford University, The University of Chicago, The San Francisco Symphony, University of Rochester, and the University of California. In 2005 and in collaboration with the Maclellan Foundation, Overseas Council and Triaxi Partners, Paul developed and delivered fundraising training in Beijing and

Following his graduation from Stanford University and a brief stint at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, Paul worked for 11 years at Stanford in both university and medical development. In addition to raising major gifts, he designed and implemented all volunteer and staff fundraising training for the first five-year, billion-dollar campaign undertaken by a private University. In 1990, in partnership with the Russ Reid Company, Paul trained the staff and volunteer leadership for seven U.S. university capital campaigns with combined goals totaling $15.4 billion. Paul joined Prison Fellowship as Senior Vice-President in 1991 to run a $35 million major gifts campaign in support of justice reform, recidivism reduction and practical support for families of the incarcerated.

He served 3 years as CEO for Hawaiian Islands Ministries, an organization committed to equipping churches and pastors in the culturally eclectic islands of the Pacific Rim and Hawaii. While in this role, HIM orchestrated much of the local emergency response after 9/11 triggered great need in the wake of the abrupt loss of tourism jobs. Paul’s for-profit experience includes 3 years as VP for new business development for Reebok CCS Fitness, a subsidiary of Reebok International.

Paul has been the architect of successful campaigns for Mercy Ships International, Wycliffe’s $2 Billion Last Languages initiative that included a global effort to create literacy empowerment for speakers of minority languages, as well as for Gordon College’s $75.5 Million Capital Campaign. Paul served as Board Chair for Discover the World and collaborated with local teams in Kenya to provide housing, education and healthcare for hundreds of children living with the effects of AIDS in their communities.

He has been humbled and privileged to work alongside talented local teams and leaders in Ethiopia, Ghana, Korea, Guatemala, Kenya, China, Korea and the UK.  An accomplished singer and actor, Paul has performed in over 30 theatrical productions.  His son and two daughters have all embarked on performing arts careers.  He holds a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Seminary and is delighted to be doing life with his wife, Jeannie.  Their nest is currently blessed with two furry rascals – a Bouvier Des Flandres named Sarge and a Standard Poodle named James Bond.

Bob Creson

I started learning at an early age that diverse backgrounds lead to diverse perspectives, which lead to more informed dialogue, better engagement, and ultimately superior decision-making. This is a lesson I have applied throughout my career. I have tried to discipline myself to be curious, collaborate, build teams with disparate viewpoints, establish common goals, then seek the best solution leveraging and distilling the team’s diversity of thought. 

Not surprisingly, a degree in political science from Pepperdine University served to deepen my understanding and appreciation for a global perspective in my work and also in my faith-walk as a Christian. Ten years in running a family business in Southern California continued giving me opportunities exploring and learning. I am known for being a goal-oriented collaborator, developing strong talent, investing in younger leaders, building high-performing diverse teams globally, and delivering superior results all from a perspective informed by my Christian faith.

I believe my curiosity led me to Wycliffe Bible Translators in August of 1983. I, along with my wife and four small children, signed up for Bible translation because of the impact of God’s Word had in our own lives. My conviction was that there were people in the world who couldn’t understand the Bible who had a right to have access to it—in fact, it was an injustice that needed righting. I remain convinced that there’s nothing God cannot express in everyday language, in the language people use every day—their mother tongue—and when He speaks, He becomes a part of their culture; He is no longer a foreign God.

I have served in a variety of positions including leadership roles in the Wycliffe Global Alliance and SIL International. My board service includes: the Board of Directors of SIL International, the Board Directors of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, The Seed Company, Crisis Consulting International, and the American School of Yaoundé, Cameroon. I am also a founding member and served on the steering committee for Every Tribe Every Nation, an alliance of the 10 largest Bible translation organizations in the world dedicated to ending Bible poverty. At the same time I served as a founding member of Table 71, an alliance of mission partners dedicated to reducing the number of unreached people groups to zero, and chaired the Executive Committee of the North America Forum of Bible Agencies, a group of mission agencies determined to defeat Biblical illiteracy in the USA by helping people engage with the Bible.

After 15 years as President/CEO of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, I retired from Wycliffe. During my years as President of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, I worked closely with Paul Edwards to launch and successfully bring to completion a $2b funding campaign, Reaching the Last Languages, to help start the remaining Bible translations needed by the year 2025. During my period of leadership of Wycliffe, we were featured on the Forbes’ 2017 list of America’s Best Midsized Employers, rating #20 overall out of 301 employers. Named in Best Christian Workplace as an Outstanding Leader in 2009, I am also the author of The Finish Line, Stories of Hope through Bible Translation.

I am pleased to bring my experience to this consulting effort working with organizations, boards, and leaders helping them grow to scale, increasing operational efficiency, and improving investor/donor/customer experience by focusing on vision building and fundraising. 

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Dallas, our adult children, their spouses, and our grandchildren. I also enjoy frequent hiking and long bike rides.